Men Growing Deeper

Cost is $12.00/study

Study 1 – Having a Real Relationship With God (September 21 – October 26)

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to have a meaningful and authentic relationship with God–one that really works in the day-in-day-out circumstances of your life?

This powerful Inductive Bible Study will help you discover for yourself how such a rewarding relationship with God is possible. Kay Arthur opens the Bible to show you the way to salvation, with a special focus on where you stand with God, how your sin keeps you from knowing him, and how Christ bridged the chasm between humanity and God.

Begin your journey to genuine faith.


Study 2 – Living Victoriously In Difficult Times (November 9 – December 14)

When painful or frustrating circumstances invade your life, it’s easy to wonder why. Why does life so often seem unfair? Why doesn’t our all-powerful God stop the pain and suffering-not just for you-but for all His children.

The truth is, we live in a fallen world filled with fallen people, and we cannot escape hardship and pain. Somehow difficult times are a part of God’s plan and they serve His purposes.

In this six week study you’ll examine what the Bible says about suffering and why God allows it. Through the stories of many who persevered through times of testing, you’ll discover how to find joy even when life seems unfair. You’ll learn how to handle loss while glorifying God in the midst of your pain. And you’ll find the peace that comes from trusting in the One whose strength is made perfect in your weakness.


Study 3 – Men’s Strategy For Conquering Temptation (January 18 – February 22)

Christian men are in the midst of a life-long process. They’re being transformed by the renewing of their minds, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, they’re crucifying the sinful nature with its passions and desires.

But the world, the flesh, and the devil go to great lengths to thwart the process. Our culture is obsessed with sex. Pornography, declining morals, pervasive visual stimulation, rampant divorce, and epidemic adultery. They all reflect ungodly passions. And inflame impure thoughts.

In this six-week study you’ll learn that God has provided everything you need to resist temptation. Through the examples of men in Scripture–those who fell into sin and those who stood firm–you’ll find hope for controlling your passions. You’ll learn how to choose the path of purity. And you’ll find assurance that through the power of the Holy Spirit and Gods Word, you can escape the corruption of this world and one day stand before God blameless and pure.


Study 4 – Being A Disciple: Counting The Real Cost (March 8 – April 12)

Following Jesus…has it significantly changed your life? Jesus calls His followers to be disciples. And discipleship comes with a cost…a commitment. This study takes an inductive look at what it means to be a disciple, how the Bible describes one and what the marks should be of a true follower of Jesus Christ. When He says, “Come, follow Me,” students are invited to accept that challenge and examine their own lives to see what the cost must be. Then they can enjoy the blessings of true discipleship in today’s world.

  • Topic: Precept Bible Study and Prayer
  • Start Date: September 21, 2017
  • End Date: April 12, 2018
  • Location: RMCC (East Campus)
  • Class Size: 12
  • Cost: $12.00
  • Registration Deadline: September 10, 2017
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