Proverbs 16

January 16, 2016
1 min read

There is so much of Joseph life (Genesis 42-45) I see in this Proverb. Verse 3, Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.In all I do I need to give it to the Lord. I need to let Him work not only in me but through me. I think I can become anxious over things when I commit my works to the strength of my own ability. In the Hebrew this verse can be translated that I am, “To roll unto the Lord your burdens and your decisions.” I like that. Occasionally I can find myself disturbed and depressed, even in trying to do the Lord’s work. Could anything be further form what God desires? God cannot work through anxious hearts. Whenever a Christian reaches this state, he should stop at once and ask himself, “Whose work is it?” If it’s God’s work, I am never forget the burden of it is His, too. I am not the important person. Christ is! He is at work through me. What should I do then when things do not go well? Go to Him! Anything less than this is disobedience.

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