There are many ministries that fall under the umbrella of Vessels of Honor. Click on a link below for brief descriptions of each ministry. To find out more information about a particular ministry or to become involved please email the contact person for that ministry or feel free to call the church office at 403-276-9673.

Ladies Ministry Contact
Dan Kowalczyk

Healing Hearts

Mission Statement: To provide Biblical counseling and Christian ministry to women who suffer emotionally and spiritually from the pain, trauma and afflictions of their past, not forsaking its original calling to minister hope and healing to women and men who have been afflicted by the sin of abortion. Isaiah 61:1-4

For more information please contact Heather.
Healing Hearts Contact

Hospitality Teams

The Hospitality Teams are assembled to be a blessing to RMCC family by providing nutritious meals to families who have: just had a baby, experienced a death in the family, have a serious illness, or have undergone surgery.

On a rotating schedule The Team will provide one week worth of meals for the family. Hospitality leaders will pass on specific requests for the type of meals or food required. As a team member, you will be asked to provide a full meal for the family.

We are the eyes and ears of the body so if you are aware of anyone from RMCC who would be blessed with a meal because of one of the above situations, please contact the church office at 403-276-9673.

We invite you to prayerfully consider being a part of this ministry to be a blessing to our church family. For more information please contact Megan Burwash.
Hospitality Teams Contact

Megan Burwash

Emergency Servant Teams

The ladies assembled on these teams will be primarily asked to prepare food for funerals and/or serve at and clean up after the funerals. Team members may also be called upon if other emergency needs present themselves within our church family. Sometimes food hampers and benevolent needs are met through this ministry. These teams also help with setup, cleanup and food preparation for various church functions. IE: Newcomer's luncheon, etc.

If you are able to provide sandwiches and/or sweets and/or serve in any capacity at a funeral lunch, you are encouraged to sign up at the Information Station at the south foyer. The more ladies we have to assemble teams, the less team members will be called upon. If you can provide food but are unable to serve at the funerals, or vice versa, please indicate that to Melissa.

Want to serve? We are in need of an additional team leader for this ministry along with many other volunteers. If you can help, please email Melissa Gillard.
Emergency Servant Teams Contact

Melissa Gillard

Linda Rhyno

Prayer Ministry

We meet every Tuesday from 7-9 PM. Please come prepared to intercede for the needs of the prayer group in addition to upholding our Vessels of Honour ladies ministry in prayer and other RMCC family ministries.
A sign-up sheet is available at the information desk.

For more information please contact Cathy Rogalsky.
Prayer Ministry Contact

Cathy Rogalsky

Ladies Breakfast

Feasting Dates:  October 13, 2018 and February 9, 2019  Click Here to go to the event page.

The breakfast ministry presents an opportunity for you to use the talents the Lord has given you to bless the women of the church. Serving with the breakfast team is a wonderful time for discipleship, where love and grace are demonstrated as we learn to serve together. Through serving together, we grow in our walk with the Lord and develop close relationships with each other. At each team meeting, we share time in God’s Word, going deeper into the message of each breakfast, as well as learning about biblical hospitality and other topics relevant to our lives as women. We also spend time in prayer for each other, and for the ladies who attend the breakfasts.

There is always room for more on the team! Let us know if you’d be interested in serving in any of the areas listed below, whether it be for one or more breakfasts: Design posters and name tags, menu planning with the team/cooking and baking, serving food, decorating, greeting ladies as they arrive to the breakfast, printing name tags and sign-up sheets, monitoring sign-up sheets, setup, cleanup, worship team, sound ministry, shopping for food and/or beverage items, shopping for decor items, collecting recipes, photography (always a need!), or hosting a small group for the annual in-home breakfast.

For more information please contact Kelly Martin.


Ladies Breakfast Contact

Daughters of the King Tea

Daughters of the King is a new ministry with a heart to reach out to both the young and young at heart!  We are opening this ministry to girls in Grate 7 and up & to women of all ages!  You are invited to join the women of RMCC for a time of fellowship and encouragement from God's word.  We desire to fulfill the Titus 2 model of being examples and teachers of God's Word to the younger generation.  Teas will be held on November 10, 2018 and March 16, 2019.

Our heart is to see women of all ages come together and share their lives with each other and learn from one another.

For more information contact Jenn at
Daughters of the King Tea Contact

Church Decor

Coordinates and organizes teams to decorate the church for special seasons and occasions. If you have any interest in this ministry please talk to Pam ASAP as there are vacancies in this position at this time. We would like to create a team to handle this ministry.

For more information please contact Pam Davis.
Church Decor Contact

Maureen Johnson

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