Tuesday Evening Ladies Bible Study

Isaiah Part 2 (Precept Upon Precept)

The Book of Isaiah is the crown jewel of Old Testament prophets, a book that strikes awe in the heart of its reader.

In Part 1 of the Isaiah Bible study, we covered chapters 1-39 and saw The Word of the Holy One to Israel, God’s judgment on the wicked, the promise of a Remnant, and the promise of the “Child to be Born”. We also saw the Holiness of God, and God’s mercy to those who repent.

In Isaiah Chapters 40-66, the Lord tells Isaiah to speak kind words to Israel. He wants to comfort His people with His words. After their punishment for sins, there will be great restoration for them. This study will give you a taste of the world’s future, and the hope believers can enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE: it is NOT necessary to have taken Part 1, but it is helpful to have read the first 39 chapters before beginning the study.

  • Day: Tuesday
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Contact: bjpetzold@gmail.com
  • Childcare: No
  • Location: RMCC (Main Campus)
  • Cost: $25.00

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