The Book of Numbers may surprise you …

September 22, 2021
3 min read

This past Sunday Pastor Glen referenced a story about a pastor who said he would never teach the books of Genesis or Revelation. Pastor Glen went on to say that at RMCC we teach all the books of the Bible. In fact, we are currently celebrating our 30th anniversary as a verse-by-verse, Bible teaching, Bible believing church. Among other things that means we have taught every Book of the Bible, no exceptions, at least once!

I say all that because starting this Sunday night (September 26) we will be resuming our study of the Old Testament picking up where we left off before the summer break, and that means we will be studying the Book of Numbers.

If you’re like me, you probably have your favorite books of the Bible and your less favorite or least favorite books. The Book of Numbers has never been in my top 10! However, as I have been preparing for our upcoming Through the Bible Hour on Sunday nights, the Book of Numbers has moved into my top 15 and I’m guessing that by the time we’re done with the study it will be in my top 5!

Allow me to share some of the reasons this book has captured my interest and why you might want to follow the study in the weeks ahead.

First, although the book has been named ‘Numbers’ its Hebrew name is Bemidbar (pronounced bee-mid-bar) which is taken from chapter one and verse one where Moses refers to the wilderness wandering of the Jewish people.

Brothers and sisters, the times we live in make me think that, metaphorically, we are in a wilderness, struggling to make our way to the Promised Land called heaven. I believe Numbers has a lot to say about how to best navigate the journey ahead of us; including how not to react when we face uncertainties along the way.

The other reason I am excited about the study of Numbers is because it contains one of the earliest and clearest prophecies about King Messiah (Jesus). In Numbers 24 we are introduced to this man named Balaam who was given a vision of Jesus and a look into what we call end times. Very exciting!

Other highlights of the book include:

• the occasion of Moses striking the Rock;
• the manna that fell from heaven; and
• the commissioning of Joshua to replace Moses.

Each of these accounts have great application for us today, and as we study Numbers, we will be reminded of why it is so important to have the whole Word of God enthroned on our hearts.

God means for His Word, and the whole counsel of His Word, to be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, and so much more so as we see the Day approaching. Please consider joining us for our Through the Bible Hour on Sunday nights starting September 26 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. The whole family is welcome to attend as Pastor Hugh and Lana will be offering Kids Clubs on Sunday nights with a focus on the Armor of God.

Written by Pastor Bruce Daze


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