Raising up the Next Generation

March 15, 2023
4 min read

It’s true, and it’s a platitude, to say that God is at work in mysterious ways all around us. Recently, I had the pleasure of discovering one of those places where God is at work in one of the many recesses of Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel (RMCC).

To ordinary eyesight, the space resembles a gunboat grey cocoon with a doorway at the end of one side, two or three small windows close to the door and a low ceiling, where you might send a teenager for quiet time, or where you might store boxes of non-perishable supplies.

However, for most of an hour, twice each Sunday morning at RMCC, it’s a spiritual lighthouse, a transition space that is birthing the new church within the church.

Elders do not go there to cast away their last earthly rags. No. Children go there to emerge as prototypical men and women of faith, with spiritual armor beginning to form, the light of faith in their eyes and words of eternal truth coming up from their hearts.

An excited Melody first revealed the secret place to me. “Would you write about this for our blog?” she asked.

I connected with Jana to find out about writing for the church blog. “Melody’s right. There’s definitely something special here that we should share with the flock,” Jana confirmed.

“Where? What? Why?” I asked, a little confused.

Friendly and faithful Pastor Bruce led me there, to the ‘shoebox’ at the corner of a larger grey space that was new to me. He called it “Kids Church.” “Meet Cory,” he said, and left.

“That’s our place,” Cory said, pointing me into the doorway, where I could see a long table, scattered small chairs, a few supplies. “That’s our classroom,” he said, and I quickly excused myself because youngsters were needing his attention. I called him later.

Then I called his “boss,” Associate Pastor Hugh Morrow, responsible for Kids Church. And I called Cory’s three colleagues, fellow warriors in faith, our own “David’s men,” and I asked questions and learned something.

I learned that Grade 6 is the year of transformation for children of RMCC. For most, this is when they emerge as it were from “under the wings” and first test their own wings. When they hit Grade 7, they will encounter the world, an unforgiving and dangerous place. They need to be able to fly on their own, to explain what they believe and the reasons why they believe, the reasons why they trust Him.

Jason Caldwell explains, “The goal is not just transferring knowledge but actually stirring faith and creating a personal connection with that information.”

Cory Guigue agrees, “By the end of the year, they’re asking questions and they’re starting to really see things.”

“It’s time to leave the crafts behind,” says Tory Nudd, affirming the goal of spiritual maturity even in ones still young.

I learned, for those reasons, Pastor Hugh gives thanks for God’s supply to RMCC of men who are gifted with the hearts to love, honor, respect, and teach the class in the grey ‘cocoon.’

The four mature followers of Jesus are each experienced parents, fathers of now-adult children, having different careers and different backgrounds. They’re not teachers so much as early mentors and faithful servants to their King, fulfilled in serving Him to the next generation of the Church.

“I totally forget about my physical pain,” reflects Michel Emond, expressing the joy he experiences in serving these young members of our flock.

The fruit of the faithful work of these four men becomes evident at times of baptism and in volunteer lists for Kingdom service throughout RMCC activities and programs.

Cory, Tory, Jason, and Michel share a calling and a vision, alternating responsibility for the early service or late service throughout the year. For the Grade 6 ‘cocoon,’ they have one heart. For the school year beginning in September until it ends in June, this is their opportunity and mission to sow adult faith in our “little” ones.

Somewhere along the year most Grade 6 members will emerge successfully owning and knowing the basics of their faith in God, their faith in the Trinity, their confidence in God’s saving grace for all who believe that Jesus Christ is LORD.

“Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You (Psalm 119:11 NKJV).”

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