Proverbs 4

January 4, 2016
1 min read

As I read this Proverb, the words that hit my heart are simply, STAY THE COURSE! I was focusing on verse 27, Don’t get sidetracked; keep your feet from following evil. From what I just read in Genesis 11-14, I see two accounts of people getting distracted. First in Babylon and then on the plains of the Jordon. For the people and for Lot, the outcome was devastating. These words of instruction and warning are precious to my heart! I need to be like a race horse that has those blinders on so I cannot be distracted by what is going on around me so I can finish the race. I must stay focused on what is before me, the Lord! I am not to allow my eyes to dwell upon evil, or my ears to listen to it. I need to PRESS ON! My flesh so often wants to take over and go down the wrong path, focus on the wrong things, wander from trail of truth. The way to keep my heart is to focus my eyes on the Lord. If my eye is focused on wickedness then it will pollute my heart. My walk of faith must be rooted in my devotion and worship to the LORD! I can’t walk until I have knelt and worshiped the King! Romans 12:1-2!

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