Noah’s Flood

August 4, 2022
1 min read

Was Noah’s flood a real event? Is there any evidence that a global, watery catastrophe occurred as described in the book of Genesis?

Did you know there is actually a lot of worldwide evidence showing that Noah’s story is not a myth?

There is no better place to start than close to home in Alberta, Canada. Did you know that Alberta is home to the world’s largest dinosaur graveyard? This mega boneyard is roughly the size of 280 soccer fields, and it is estimated to contain dinosaurs in the tens of thousands!1

But what killed this immense number of dinosaurs? The official report says, “catastrophic death by drowning.”2 Wow! The crazy thing is, this is not an isolated event.

What did they find in one of the most famous dinosaur dig sites, the Hell Creek Formation, with the T-Rex fossils and other land based dinosaurs? They found sharks (lots of them), 14 species of fish fossils, and other marine animals.

Did you know that finding dinosaur fossils in marine rock is actually remarkably common? In a 2015 study, Zoltan Csiki-Sava and his co-authors reported that nearly all dinosaurs in the late-cretaceous period across Europe are found in marine sedimentary rock!3

This just builds confidence that the word of God is true, and the story of Noah’s flood holds water.

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