Goldilocks Zone

August 4, 2022
2 min read

What fairy tale would you say applies the scientific method most accurately?

In my opinion, it’s the story of Cinderella, in which a prince is able to determine the identity of a certain individual by restricting his analysis to a single appendage through multiple trials. I know, it’s so romantic. But here’s the key point: he knew that if this single condition was not met, this eliminated an individual until he found the special girl of his dreams.

This same process is used to determine whether our planet is as special1 as the Bible says or if we are just another rock floating in space as the atheist believes.

To start with, the earth is in a perfectly circular orbit at a distance from the sun where the temperature allows for liquid water to exist. Any hotter, and all the water would boil away, or any colder, and all the water would be frozen solid. It’s called the Goldilocks Zone, which is necessary for life to exist.

Next, the earth’s spin and tilted axis allow for temperature regulation and seasonal changes which are vital for many life forms to exist and thrive on this planet. We also have a moon of the perfect weight and size to promote regular tides which are essential for circulating and oxygenating coastal waters, a key factor for life to exist on this planet.

The Earth’s atmosphere consists of 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen. This ratio is important so there is enough oxygen for living organisms to breathe, but not so much that everything blows up. This atmosphere also facilitates the hydrologic cycle which is responsible for evaporation and precipitation on the Earth which, again, is necessary for life.

This is not all of it, but I think you get the picture now.

If any one of the factors fail or is not distributed properly, life cannot exist on this planet. Even though scientists have the ability to see and search other planets, we have not found one with life on it.

It is difficult, but even the atheist must admit as the Bible declares that we are God’s special creation.

If the shoes fits …

  1. Harwood, M. “Created to be inhabited”,, Creation Ministries International, 17 Aug 2016, Accessed Feb 28 2022.

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