Bringing Hope to the Hurting

June 16, 2021
4 min read

For many, “You are pregnant,” are the sweetest words to ever grace their ears. Yet for others, those same three words evoke fear and trepidation. Who will I turn to when there is nowhere else to turn, no one to offer a listening ear? An unanticipated pregnancy can catapult lives into turmoil, making rational, informed decision-making very difficult.

The professionals at the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre (CPCC) are trained for just these circumstances. With Father’s Day on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to highlight this long-standing Partnering Ministry to RMCC.

Brandi Weston has been the Events and Communications Project Manager with the CPCC for more than three years. In the following Q & A, she gives us a glimpse into what the CPCC does and how they expressly support our community.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations (Jeremiah 1:5 NKJV).”

Brandi, what impact has the CPCC had on you personally?

It has allowed me to see faith in action. Engaging with complex issues forces us to rely on the Lord for wisdom, discernment and insight. It has taught me to trust God and His timing; He has been faithful to meet our needs.

What have been the biggest challenges of this past year?

Ensuring clients are safe and supported. Due to COVID, existing obstacles become insurmountable. Some of our client’s challenges are isolation, domestic violence, unemployment, single parenting without support networks, etc.

When our physical doors had to close due to COVID, it was apparent clients needed to know we were still there to support them. We switched to meeting by phone or Zoom, and clients were appreciative of the friendly, safe voice on the other end of the line. The team was able to assess and ensure clients received the support they needed.

What have been the biggest blessings of this past year?

God has revealed His faithfulness through our donors. While our clients’ needs have increased, many of the previously available resources are no longer available. Through the commitment of our donors, we have been able to maintain and expand supports to clients.

Another blessing has been how clients have connected online. Typically, our classes would be in-person, hosted at our three Centres (Calgary, Strathmore and Airdrie).

When we moved our classes to Zoom, clients were able to participate from all locations. With this online platform, we have delivered education and facilitated connection between otherwise isolated new parents.

One first-time mom did not want to miss her Baby Care class, so she joined in from the hospital while in labour. Her peers encouraged her through contractions, provided her support from a community that cares about her. A first for all of us!

How does the annual Baby Bottle Campaign impact your ministry?

The Baby Bottle Campaign is an essential part of our annual fundraising. We rely 100% on donor support to do the Centre’s work, and the campaign raises about 10% of our yearly budget. The funds raised by generous donors serve thousands of vulnerable women, children and families in need.

What do you wish people knew and/or understood about the CPCC?

That people understood the breadth of programs and resources we offer. What makes us unique is our long-term relationships with clients, helping break cycles that impact future generations. Investing in parents is the best way to ensure children attain a better long-term outcome. You can read about the programs we offer on our website

We also provide peer counselling, tangible supports like infant and maternity clothing and partner with dozens of community agencies to ensure clients receive the necessary supports to succeed. One of our strengths is our networking ability. We work with community agencies to surround our clients with as many supports as possible.

How can people get involved with or support the CPCC?

Please pray for us. Amazing things happen when people pray.

We are grateful to the Baby Bottle Campaign; $25 fills a bottle. Each donation makes a difference.

We love and need volunteers! Our staff team is small, and volunteers are the heart of our organization. There are many ways to get involved, including peer counselling, packing layettes and hampers, delivering goods, administration, event planning, etc.

We are grateful Brandi took the time to educate us on what the CPCC does for Calgary and the surrounding communities. 

RMCC has been a financial supporter of the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre for many years and we are pleased to partner with them in their crucial Kingdom work. All praise to God!

Written by Maureen Johnston


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