A Vision Emerges During Covid Times

August 25, 2021
5 min read

Is your name registered? Do you have your ticket? Jesus is the ticket! I’d like to share with you the story of how God orchestrated the creation of a gospel tract to help people all over the world who are on the frontlines, sharing their faith.

Evangelism by Email

A couple weeks prior to Easter in 2020, the Lord put a burden on my heart with an idea to email my siblings with a simple gospel message, as we were unable to gather together to celebrate. The majority of my family are unsaved.

I was battling in my heart and mind over this email idea. Was the Lord really asking me to do it? I wrestled constantly for several days over it. But when it became clear that the Lord was prompting me to do it, I sat down at my laptop, prayed for the words to write, and effortlessly wrote a simple message using travelling as the illustration.

When it was done, I was still unsure if I should send the email or not, so I forwarded it to my brother (who is a believer) to get his thoughts. The contents of the email could potentially cause a big raucous reaction in our family and I did not want to create more tension. However, he liked it! He said it read like a ‘gospel tract’ and I should send it out, which I did on Good Friday morning.

A Gospel Tract

The Lord used the encouragement my brother gave me to stir something even deeper within me. He gave me a vision for a gospel tract that wove perfectly together with the theme of the message in the email – a traveller needing a boarding pass to get to their destination or the need to register your name before getting your hotel room.

When I received a few underwhelming responses from people I shared the idea with, I became discouraged. I was asked, “How many people really get saved from a gospel tract? There are so many gospel tracks that exist already.” I began to doubt the whole project.

I questioned whether this idea was really from the Lord or not. It was a battle because the burden was so heavy on me to do it. He gave me a vision for the project, and additionally, I had the finances to get it done. I knew the Holy Spirit was prompting me, but I faced insecurity.

God’s Confirmation

About one month later, on a Sunday morning, my husband Patrick and I stumbled upon the live service announcements Pastor Jack Hibbs was giving Calvary Chapel Chino Hills (CCCH) online while we were waiting for our service at RMCC to begin. Pastor Jack was giving instructions about re-gathering for church the following Sunday, which would be Pentecost Sunday.

My jaw dropped when Pastor Jack started explaining how attending church would work. He said, “I am calling it a boarding pass … a ticket. Sounds like you have to buy it – you just get a ticket …
boarding pass, and that’s going to guarantee you a spot in the sanctuary. You can’t get in unless you have that ticket – just like you can’t get into heaven without Jesus … you gotta have a ticket to get in the building.”

His words stopped me in my tracks.

At the end of June, my husband Patrick and I watched another online CCCH church service, and toward the end of the service Pastor Jack asked: “Do you have your ticket? Your ticket to heaven?” Patrick and I said to each other, “Did you hear that?”

I took both of those occasions as confirmation from the Lord and moved ahead with the tract idea. I pulled together a small team to work with – an illustrator, writer, prayer warrior, translators and printing company.

He Cares About Every Detail

I had in mind that the boarding pass ticket should be blue in color. But when the first draft of the boarding pass from the illustrator came back, it was red. I struggled with that because I really thought it should be blue, the color of heaven. We decided to leave it for a week so I could think about it and pray about it.

That week, I watched another online CCCH church service. During that service Pastor Jack emphatically said, “The ticket is red! The ticket is red!” Once again, my jaw dropped open in utter surprise and I immediately thanked the Lord for answering my prayer.

When the team met the following week to discuss the illustration, I shared the story of what Pastor Jack said in his sermon. We went ahead with red as the color for the ticket.

All Aboard!

The gospel tract called ‘Jesus Is The Ticket’ is now complete. It is available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. We have a website at: Jesusistheticket.com. Over the summer of 2021, bus benches at various locations around the city of Calgary displayed our Jesus is the Ticket imagery including a bar code.

My burden is to let people know that Jesus is their Ticket to Heaven. I hope you will join me in this mission by checking out the website and forwarding the link to others. Also, feel free to share one of the Jesus Is The Ticket gospel tracts with them. Pray for open doors and boldness to share the Good News with the unsaved people you know or meet.

If you’d like to know more about how you can be equipped in this mission please email me at contactus@jesusistheticket.com.

Written by Karen Singer


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