God's Man 

March 24-25, 2017

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Men's Conference 2017

What is God’s Man? He is a man who is born of the Spirit, lead by the Word and glorifies the LORD!

We are called to be “Difference Makers”! Matthew 5:13-16. As men we are to live intentionally with eternity in mind.

We have a command from God to make a difference.  We have been mandated by the LORD to be the difference maker in the lives of those who follow. Jesus commands us in this passage to allow the light that we were given at salvation to shine to this lost world. We have a heaven sent obligation to carry the torch of the gospel and shine His light bright for His glory.  

Just as those who run an individual leg in a multi-member race make sure that they run their portion of the race with purpose, they must also be precise in passing the baton to the next runner.  In order to see them faithful, we must be faithful to pass the faith along.

We must strategically walk through this journey so that we can intentionally touch the generation to come.  We must take it upon ourselves to get the gospel to them.  We must approach this task as if we are the only ones left to accomplish the goal of passing an real faith to the next generation.  

Be intentional about passing the torch of faith to those who run behind us

Can’t wait to see you at the conference...FINISH STRONG!

You can register at the Reception Desk or online through the event page.

  • Start Date: Mar 24 2017
  • End Date: Mar 25 2017
  • Location: RMCC (Main Campus)
  • Cost: 30
  • Registration Form: Download
  • Registration Deadline: Mar 19 2017

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