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Annual General Meeting and Agape Dessert Fellowship

The Annual General Meeting and Agape Dessert Fellowship is a great time to reflect on God’s provision in the past and look forward to His plans for the future. Our celebration is Sunday, April 23rd which begins with an Agape Dessert Fellowship, so we request everyone please bring a dessert to share at 5:30 p.m. The AGM will begin at 6:45 pm in the Main Sanctuary. The Agape Dessert Fellowship and AGM is open to everyone who calls Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel home!

Our AGM will focus on our Financial Review and the ratifying of our two Boards.

 Our Elders Board is: Bill Clements, Chis Coffyn, Tom deWaal, Frank Farquharson, Frank Hansma, Denis Perron and the Staff Pastors.

 Our Servant Board is:  Aaron Aspinall, Stephen Cheung, Warren Hills, Frank Irving and Kent Pederson.