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Celebrating 25 years of ministry

Celebrating 25 years of ministry

The 25th anniversary of Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel is simply another opportunity for us to pause and reflect on the Lord’s mercy, grace and power. What God has done here in building this lighthouse in the city of Calgary is something He has done. We’ve had a front row seat to very special things that, unless the LORD had gone before us, we would have been sunk. Time and time again God has honoured the faith that He has given us to use. I marvel at the way He has poured His Spirit into brothers and sisters who have then been poured out to refresh, rebuild and restore the desolate places of broken humanity. God has chosen to use broken vessels to reach a broken world. A monument can be something that marks death, or a monument can be something that reminds us of greatness. Let’s use this 25th, to be a monument of the Lord’s great faithfulness in the past and let it be a reminder that there are greater things He desires to do as we trust Him to go before us and lead the way. It’s about Jesus. It’s always been about Jesus. It will always be about Jesus. To Him be the glory forever, amen.

Pastor Glen Nudd

Category: Announcements
Posted: Nov, 18, 2016